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36,41 EUR*
Details Paper-Money-Shm-CD

SHM-CD remastered. Comes in a mini LP. 8 tracks, originally released in 1974.

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Details Private-Money-Path-to-Monetary-Stability-Hobart-Papers

Private Money Kevin Dowd explains how central banking and the monopoly issue of currency by government have politicised and greatly destabilised the banking system. The change from money backed by a commodity standard to fiat money has destroyed the ...

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Details Paper-Airplanes-with-Dollar-Bills-Another-Way-to-Throw-Your-Money-Away

STERLING PUBLISHING-Paper Airplane With Dollar Bills. Does money seem to fly out of your wallet? Then put it to good use! Inflation may be soaring but now your currency can too. Using a dollar bill instead of traditional paper; you can create any of ...